Entry refusal to israel

We specialize in regulating status for foreigners in Israel and entry visa to Israel, for tourists, foreign specialist, friends and family members of Israeli citizens.

The entry office, at the airport or at the respected consular representation, holds a vast authority to decline requests of entry to Israel. Foreigners who are refused entry to Israel by the Israeli embassy in their country, prior to their travel, or foreigners who were not permitted to enter Israel upon their arrival to the airport, usually find themselves without legal consultation and helpless against the authorities.

We at Abraham’s and Co offer emergency legal aid for the entry denied foreigners, and represent the foreigner, by acquiring all the necessary information revolving the denial, and take actions to stop deportation until a correct juridical decision is taken.

If entry is refused at the Israeli Embassy station, we help to prepare the paper work needed and offer legal backing for the processes. Our office specialize in regulating status in Israel and possess solutions for various situations related to entry seekers which makes our office outstanding in the legal realm and which makes us the chosen service provider in this realm.

Our office is committed to give the most comprehensive service, of the highest standard.

Important Notice: when our client stays without lawful cause, or his visa has expired, we can obtain, within 24-48 hours, a temporary approval of stay which prohibits the deportation of our client out of Israel until his case is reviewed.