Mixed couples

Our core specialty, we at Abraham’s and co, handle cases of regulation status for mixed couples in Israel on daily basis and represents our clients when working on Ministry of Interior office procedures, all over the country.

Ministry of Interior policy is usually not in the best interest of mixed couples. Furthermore they tend to try putting obstacles in the way to normal family life. It is then of most importance that regulation of mixed couple to be made with specialized lawyer. Damages done by hasty treatment can be harmful for the proceedings ahead. Thus an experienced lawyer has immense effect to the success of the case.

Our office offers extensive and comprehensive treatment for:

  Regulating status of foreigners who are widowed or divorced from Israeli citizen.

  Regulating status for children of foreigners who are married to Israeli citizen.

  Handling work permits for foreigners until approved status in Israel.

It is important to maintain the legal status even after breakage of relationship with the Israeli spouse. Our office support clients in legal issues while they are outside Israel while facing interviews in Israeli embassies.

Proceedings in cases of of mixed couple may take considerable time and effort but we understand the situation, and work for the best solution for each case. We offer backup and support to best represent the client case in front of the authorities.

We specialize in difficult cases concerning Ministry of Interior issues including interviews, examination, sessions in the tribunal.

Our office is committed to a comprehensive service of the highest standards. 

Important Notice: when our client stays without lawful cause, or his visa has expired, we can obtain, within 24-48 hours, a temporary approval of stay which prohibits the deportation of our client out of Israel until his case is reviewed.