In the basis of our professional approach is the view that each client is an independent unit with needs and structure and our office provide unique services for the Aliya status

In general the Israeli law offers six paths to acquire citizenship, with the most common used being the Aliya.

Obtaining Israeli citizenship trough Aliya is possible for any foreigner who has Jewish roots. This includes issuing special visa for both the spouse and family of the Aliya applicant.

This path is also available for anyone who were accepted into the Jewish faith though proper procedures.

If the request for Aliya visa is declined by the Ministry of Interior offices or by the Israeli embassy, we can handle the issues and resolve it according to the law.

We will appeal to the Israeli tribunal who will assist in judging the decision of the Ministry of Interior decline.

Our office support clients legal issues while still outside of Israel and facing interviews in the Israeli embassy..

Our office is committed to a comprehensive service of the highest standards.

Important Notice: when our client stays without lawful cause, or his visa has expired, we can obtain, within 24-48 hours, a temporary approval of stay which prohibits the deportation of our client out of Israel until his case is reviewed.