Humanitarian Cases

Our office offers comprehensive legal aid about status and citizenship in Israel including humanitarian cases.

Our office employs all its legal creativity and experience concerning aspects of humanitarian requests of foreigners who wish to obtain long term status or even citizenship in Israel.

Humanitarian request includes requests such as, medical cases, danger to life, withholding family separation etc.

Humanitarian visa, for parents with minor israeli children

Humanitarian visa, for foreign elderly national, of Israeli citizen

Humanitarian visa, for mixed couples who have separated or widowed from Israeli citizen.

Humanitarian visa, for foreign parent having Israeli soldier.

Humanitarian visa,  for family reunion.

If the Ministry of Interior declines the request, it is not the end of the story. An appeal to the tribunal is possible to resolve the issue.

Our office possess variety of solutions regarding the regulation of status and immigration and our clients receive complimentary services in the concerning areas.

Our office is committed to comprehensive and to the best service in the higher standards.