Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Our office offers comprehensive legal aid for Refugees and asylum seekers who wish to regulate their stay in Israel. This field requires broad spectrum of knowledge which our office specializes in.

The international law, to which Israel is committed tp, gives protection and refugee status to any person who is forced to flee from his homeland due to political, religious, racial or any other prosecutions. Despite this, Israeli law is complex, and international juridical material concerns itself with delicate issues like who constitute as a the refugee, what is the level of needed proof, is he protected by his own country, etc; all of those are important issues that need to be prepared for. This is why the asylum seekers need to be accompanied by a specialized lawyer, who will represent the case correctly – correct representation is the line between failure and success.

Our firm also represents foreigners while they are detained at the government facilities,  and provides legal advice even in the most difficult cases before the tribunal and governmental institutes.

Our legal backing is specific, adjacent, comprehensive, discreet and fast, and we're committed to comprehensive service of the highest standards. 

Important Notice: when our client stays without lawful cause, or his visa has expired, we can obtain, within 24-48 hours, a temporary approval of stay which prohibits the deportation of our client out of Israel until his case is reviewed.